oh man oh man oh man.... am I in LOVE with these photographs. Everyone, meet baby Emma.

I was privileged with documenting this beautiful little girl and her family only six days after she was born. A coworker of mine had purchased this session for her daughter in law, and I'm so glad she did. I cannot believe how blessed I was to be able to come into these strangers' homes and document such a beautiful and memorable part of their lives. As these memories become hidden behind the many sleepless nights or  seemingly endless diaper changes, I love that my work gets to bring these families back to a time and space when their lives were flipped upside-down for the better.

I still smile when I flip through these photos. I hope you enjoy looking through them as much as I do.

The best part? My coworker purchased two sessions for this family - which means I get to see them again in 6 months. I can hardly wait.

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