Throughout the year, we get to sit down in front of our professors and classmates and present work that we've been doing outside of our school assignments. It's a great opportunity to not only get feedback about our personal work, but also to view what our classmates are shooting! Yesterday was my first critique, and for my submission I decided to shoot a series of night/long exposure images. Although I have experienced many critiques throughout my degree, this (being the first one) was pretty nerve-wracking... but I made it out alive! Funny thing is that I can't remember exactly what was said about my photos... Oops. Must've been those darn nerves. Next critique I'm going to bring my phone and record what the professors say (especially since I tend to focus on only the bad things that are said and forget all of the good things).

I was personally really happy with how my images turned out. This was an area that I didn't have any experience with, and so I know that I still have a lot to learn. Regardless, I think the photos I ended up with are pretty cool :)