I hear it almost every session: "We're really awkward getting our photo taken - let us know what we should do!". It's no surprise that most people feel this way when a camera comes out. This is why I include engagement sessions with every single one of my wedding packages - it's the perfect time to get the nerves out (especially before the big day) and to see that getting your photo taken with me just feels like hanging out with your best friend in a cool location (my favourite part is that every one of those couples walk away from their session saying "that was actually so fun!")

Diane + Ricky were sure to preface their session with the statement above. And yet, they got into the hang of things only 10 minutes into their session, and if it wasn't for the freezing winds, I could've photographed them all night long. They were so fun to hang out with, and agreed to all my crazy ideas, including going off the beaten path to catch those last rays of sunlight. And after seeing how stylish their were for their engagement session, I can't WAIT to see what their wedding next spring will look like!