I'm so excited to finally share this session I did with the Brauns back in October. I apologize that this post is so late; however, I had to wait until I actually gave the Brauns these photos for Christmas (yes, I have become the photographer who takes photos of people and gives it to them for Christmas in lieu of presents. So what?). We were all together in Canmore for a holiday, and apparently the last family photo they had taken together was about 13 years ago, so we thought "hey, we're in a beautiful location, we're all together, we have one heck of a photographer in the family (that's me!), so why not take a few photos?" And so, here's what came out of the afternoon.

Thanks for letting me not only crash your family vacation, but for letting me take photos of you guys - and insisting I be in a couple of them!



DeananCupido-3114 DeananCupido-3130

DeananCupido-3069 DeananCupido-3160 DeananCupido-3180 DeananCupido-3193DeananCupido-3218 DeananCupido-3284 DeananCupido-3297 DeananCupido-3307