Three years ago today, I was getting ready to photograph my very first wedding. Ever.

I was terrified. I don't know how they did it, but somehow Aletha & Byron insisted me that despite my little to no experience (emphasis on the "no") they wanted me to photograph their wedding.  I'm pretty sure I cried to Eric on the phone that morning. I so badly wanted to back out, but I had made a promise. So I got in my car with my camera and off I went.

If there was ever a couple that you wanted to have as your very first wedding clients, these two were it. I can still remember how completely laid back their were throughout their entire wedding day. Their backyard ceremony was intimate, personal and complete with their closest friends and family. As the day went on, my nerves eventually subsided and what took their place was a purpose I had never felt before. This. This is what I'm going to do with my life. 

I've learned a lot since that day (for example: the importance of a backup camera) and will continue to learn as I move forward. But some things will always be the same; one being my desire to photograph couples who are the truest versions of themselves when they are together; who take the opportunity to throw a celebration that is an authentic reflection of who they are; who aren't afraid to wear a red wedding dress or hang out with their guests before the ceremony. But most of all, couples who can put their trust in me to capture how their day felt, not just how it looked. 

Another thing that hasn't changed? I still get nervous every time I shoot a wedding. But I believe my nerves keep me humble; they remind me of the importance of my job and how the work I do matters. They exist to push me to better every time I pick up my camera. 

And with that, a very happy anniversary to Aletha & Byron. Thank you for putting your trust in me 3 years ago and allowing me to begin this wild, exciting, and beautiful journey. 

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